The collection business gets tougher and tougher every year. Debtors have become more and more astute at figuring out ways to avoid paying amounts that are due and owing.

In many cases, debtors have become immune to traditional business collection agency approaches and continue to delay making payments that are clearly due and owing.

This debtor phenomenon does not mean the end to effective collection approaches. It just means that a new collection strategy needs to be implemented to combat old payment avoidance techniques.

Our “Zilous Attorney Driven Approach” will benefit you in the following ways:

  • All collections are done by licensed lawyers. This results in getting the attention of debtors quickly and recovering past due amounts more efficiently.

  • Our fees are lower than other lawyer and non-lawyer collection firms. The result is more money in your pocket.

  • Our lawyers use a “collection first” mentality to collect past due amounts, this results in more money collected on behalf of our clients in a quicker time frame without the need for litigation.

  • Our lawyers preserve your client relationships where necessary. This results in continuing a relationship with a debtor when necessary.

  • Our lawyers will litigate a claim on behalf of a client on a contingency basis after client approval when all collection efforts have stalled. This results in a streamlined process from collection to litigation that results in more dollars collected on behalf of clients.

  • We perform all of our collection and litigation work on a contingency basis. This means that clients who engage us do not have to come up with any upfront money (except for court costs in the event of litigation), yet reap the benefit of having lawyers collect on their behalf.

  • Our lawyers communicate with our clients on a weekly basis about the status of files. This means our clients know exactly what is going on with every file placed with us, all the time.

  • Our firm does not require any long term business collection agency contracts or agreements. This means clients can test our firm without risk to see if we are good as we represent.

  • Our clients have one source of communication for all files whether they are in collection or litigation. This means client interact with our firm in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Our lawyers not only collect past due amounts but also manage local counsel in the event litigation is necessary. Our client’s benefit from having our lawyers manage litigation files because there is no one better to manage a lawyer than another lawyer.

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